August 3 2020,
Re-opening August 5 2020!

The last piece of the upgrade puzzle has arrived today!

As the saying goes... it is darkest just before the dawn...or the case of our sim... it is darkest just before........we turn it on!!! It is with great relief and joy that I can finally announce that the 4 months spent in simulator purgatory is coming to an end!!!!! The simulator is fully upgraded and working like a Swiss watch. All that is left to do is some visual graphic tweaks and testing over the next two days. Come Wednesday, August 5th we are cleared for takeoff and can take to the virtual skies once more. I want to thank all the SunJet Captains..past ..present and future for your understanding and patience this last 4 months.. I hope you have all been able to stay well and stay save. Here is to rejecting what has become the new “normal” and recreating one where we can again enjoy being together in the virtual skies!

Something thrilling for captains aged 6 to 106!

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