*** Important Weather Clause ***


If outdoor temperatures reach over 40 degrees and/or in the event of power failure, we MAY need to reschedule your booking (which takes precedence over the ‘no reschedules’ clause).  We will contact you if required.


What Time to arrive?


  • You will need to arrive at least 10 minutes before your session to maximize your time IN the simulator. These 10 minutes will be used to fill out your crew information form and change into your Captain's uniform (supplied by SunJet) so that you can start your session time sitting in the flight deck ready to push back for your flight.


Cancelations – Rescheduling – Refunds – No Shows


  • Booking cancellations, reschedules or refunds are not accepted on the day of your booking. You must inform SunJet Simulations at least 48 hours (2 days) prior to your session if you are unable to make your session time. If you are unable to attend your booked session on the date and time scheduled and do not notify SunJet Simulations within the required time, your booking fee will be considered forfeited.

  • A no show (i.e. not showing up for your session) will result in forfeiting the experience (including certificate or voucher) altogether. No refund will be issued and rescheduling will require a new booking


What should I wear?


  • Wear comfortable clothes and closed flat shoes. For women, best to wear pants as the simulator is a limited/confined space.  The simulator is also air conditioned and can get quite cool. You will be provided a white Captain's shirt with authentic Captain's bars which you can change into. (The shirt will be clean and freshly pressed for your use… no need to worry about having to wear a dirty smelly shirt… what would your passengers think!)


Can I bring family and friends?


  • There are three economy class seats inside the simulator so that you can have your family and friends join you in the flight deck to watch you fly the 737. It is best that they understand that you will be concentrating on your session and that any distractions will take away from your experience. SunJet Simulations reserves the right to remove any guest from the flight deck if their behavior becomes disruptive. Alternatively, our front lounge is equipped with additional airline seats and a full HD monitor for viewing of your experience.




  • Male and female restroom facilities are available (Common toilets shared with the rest of businesses in the unit block).

  • The simulator flight deck is to scale of an actual Boeing 737-800. It requires a certain amount of mobility to enter and exit the confined seating space. While it may not be suitable for those with restricted mobility, efforts can and will be made to accommodate anyone looking to partake in the simulation experience. However, this will be with the understanding that additional time will have to be booked and paid for, above the actual time in the simulator, to allow for the preparation of the flight experience that any such booking will require (the extra time and related charges will be determined on a case by case basis but a minimum 30 minutes should be factored in when deciding to book). If the assistance of a properly trained care giver is required to help the person with restricted mobility, they will be required to remain in the flight deck during the entire session to provide any assistance required. While all efforts will be made to provide a safe modified environment, SunJet Simulations staff will not be allowed or be responsible for assisting those with these special needs to enter or exit the simulator. This responsibility will remain solely with the care giver.




Please refer to our FAQ page for more information. Please also inform us before you begin your session if you suffer from motion sickness, heart conditions, epilepsy or any other medical conditions or injuries that may be of concern.


Due to the confined nature of the simulator and the height requirements/restrictions of the flight deck, the following restrictions MAY apply:


  • WEIGHT MAX:  must be able to enter and exit sim safely

  • HEIGHT MAX:  care will need to be taken for anyone taller than 190CM when entering and exiting the simulator flight deck.

  • HEIGHT MIN: 150 cm (for unassisted flight - i.e. reaching the rudder pedals and seeing out of the flight deck windows)

  • AGE MINIMUM: Minimum age 7 ( subject to height restrictions)

  • Closed flat soled shoes must be worn. No high heal shoes or “thongs” in the flight deck area.

  • Instructions provided by SunJet Simulations staff and/or Flight Instructor must be strictly adhered to.




We reserve the right to refuse entry if any of these conditions are breached.


Gift Certificates and Vouchers:


Gift Certificates or vouchers must be used by their expiry date. No refund will be issued from vouchers or certificates not used by their expiry date. Extensions maybe granted if circumstances warrant. Gift certificates or vouchers have no cash value. They must be used towards the purchase of session time in the simulator or merchandise. No change will be given for any unused portion of the voucher/gift certificate.